Buying Clubs

Delivering Wild Caught Fish to Your Network


These premium items from our product line and much more, coming soon, available direct to you, our consumer. From The Wild To Your Table.

At Alaska Wild Fish Company, we believe that having access to wild caught ocean fish is something that everyone should have. This is why we work with individuals and groups to coordinate buying clubs! We carry a host of beautiful, wild caught, certified sustainable, clean, flash frozen and vacuum sealed seafood products coming DIRECT from fisherman to you the consumer, Sea To Table.

The concept is simple: get enough people together who love and appreciate wild caught, fisherman direct seafood, line up a convenient delivery location, and we will deliver orders to you on a schedule.

Do you have people in your area interested in our products? Have you asked your church congregation? How about your co-workers? We will come to your office, house, or meet you and your club after Sunday mass!


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